Get Rid Of Lice In One Go

1st in Pakistan

Lice Free Salon is the 1st salon providing lice and nit removal treatment in Pakistan.
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100% Natural

Our hair lice and nit removal treatment is 100% organic and the suction process is chemical-free.
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Suitable For Everyone

The treatment is suitable for everyone wanting to live in peace without hair lice and nits.
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First of all, we screen the hair and scalp to look for lice and nits and the most affected areas.


After screening, we diagnose the level of lice infestation and observe the areas that are affected the most.


After the diagnosis, we divide the hair into small sections and remove hair lice by combing using a metal comb.


Going back to the combed hair sections, we use suction technology to remove the head lice and nits left behind.


Post Treatment

Post the treatment, we also recommend products to clients that help in stopping further head lice infestations.