About Us

First lice treatment salon with trained practitioners in Pakistan


We know how stressful head lice can be! That’s why we make it our goal to provide complete and expert lice removal in the most comfortable environment.

We are the FIRST lice treatment salon in Pakistan, Lice Free Salon is a woman-owned salon with trained practitioners and state-of the art lice removal treatment equipment. Our only priority is to get rid of the head lice and the daily stress with expert friendly care. Our lice-free treatment is organic, safe, and effective.

Our Trained Practitioners

The practitioners at Lice Free Salon are the best in the business. It is not easy to become Lice Removal Practitioner. We hand pick each one for our salon and make sure our work family is friendly, compassionate and able to work well with children. Additionally, the our treatment requires great attention to detail.

Our practitioners training program is extensive. It requires weeks of training, knowledge and practice. Not everyone succeeds, but those that do are the finest in this industry.


Same Day, Single Treatment

Lice are  nasty parasites that multiply at a rapid rate so if you suspect an infestation, you should know you have no time to waste. Contact us for prompt, immediate service. In most infected cases, a single treatment is all that’s needed to get rid of head lice infestation. Using our all-natural and non-toxic treatment, our lice removal service eradicates all traces of these parasitic insects.

No Harmful Chemical

Free from all sorts of harsh chemicals and toxic materials that are not only harmful, but ineffective. Our lice removal treatment is natural, organic, safe and trusted alternative. We at Lice free salon make sure to keep your family safe with a lice free removal solution that is suitable for woman of all ages from toddlers to seniors.


Affordable Rate

We offer affordable flat-rates with instant and guaranteed results. Save hundreds of rupees on treatments that just don't work!
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State Of The Art Facilities

At Lice-free Salon, lice removal treatments are available in our children-friendly and state-of-the-art salon.
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100% Guaranteed Treatment

Lice-free Salon guarantee is often what draws people in, but it's our customer care honesty, and professionalism that truly seal the deal.
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